Fifty-four members and guests attended our Christmas Dinner at Fairwinds golf on Dec. 9th. There were lots of door prizes including gift certificates from Independent Marine and Fairwinds. Commander Gary Hackney presented Jim Dutton with the Missing Blade award in recognition of his outstanding contribution serving 9 years as Commander and even longer as a course instructor. Thank you, Jim, from all of us! Gary Hackney and Peter Ladouceur (Commander in waiting) gave us an overview of what we had achieved this year and things in the works for 2024.

The food was excellent, and a good time was had by all, with fun being added by Wayne and Linda Danforth's Christmas song quiz and some "alleged" jokes from MC Mike Paterson.


Guests of honour were: -

  • Simon and Jane Huddy (Simon is a past and ongoing instructor)
  • Grant and Gayle Natland (Grant is a past long serving secretary)
  • Charles Hawkswell, Vancouver Island North District Commander
  • Sheila Boutcher, Nanaimo Squadron Commander
  • Alexa Stochmal, Nanaimo Radio Course Instructor


Commander Gary also welcomed the following new members to our Squadron: -

  • Rob Baker
  • Wayne and Linda Danforth 
  • Mark Johnson
  • Rendall Nesset and Stacey Rhodes Nesset
  • Jud Sleeman and Irina Rey


It was great to get together socially once more and there were lots of ideas put forward for activities next year that we will be looking at in January.


Thanks go to all the volunteers who helped make this a success.