NPSS officially came into being  on February 8, 1992 and continues to be a vibrant part of the local Vancouver Island boating community, educating new & existing boaters to be safe & skilled on the water. Our organization is run entirely by volunteers who:

  • Teach our boating courses
  • Organize our events
  • Manage Membership
  • Control Finances
  • Contribute to the executive team
  • etc....

Canadian Power and Sail Squadron (CPS-ECP) 

mandate is to teach & promote safe boating, both in our Canadian waters, and around the world.  CPS-ECP is recognized as the largest organization of its kind in the world serving as:

  • The foremost educational boating authority in Canada,
  • A consultant with the Canadian Coast Guard
  • An advisor of Aids to Navigation for the Canadian Hydrographic Service.

NPSS follows the CPS-EPC mandate to increase awareness & knowledge of safe boating by educating and training both members and the general public.

NPSS works closely with other Squadrons in the Vancouver Island North District (VIND) to support and learn from each other.  You are welcome to participate in other Squadrons' training as well as many of their other events.

For more information about the national organization visit CPS-ECP, or for more local information visit VIND.

If you have questions or would like more information about the Nanoose Squadron, please email

The Bridge

Much like a board of directors, the Nanoose Power & Sail Squadron has an executive team to help keep the organization running smoothly. Made up entirely of volunteers, each Officer has an area of responsibility with some having additional volunteer committees for special projects.

2024 Bridge Members


Held By

Peter Ladouceur
Executive Officer
Grant Natland
Mike Paterson
Educational Officer
Wayne Danforth
Membership Officer
Gary Hackney
Past Commander
Gary Hackney
Assistant Education Officer
Jim Dutton
Assistant Education Officer
Gary Hackney
Assistant Education Officer
Doug Herchmer
Assistant Education Officer
Peter Ladouceur
Assistant Education Officer
Mike Paterson
Assistant Education OfficerDavid Landry
Communications Officer
James Rogan
Supply Officer
Wayne Danforth
Social & Events Officer
Linda Danforth
Mike Paterson